Course Content

    1. The Financial Impact of Death and Illness

    2. Protection Priorities for Clients

    3. Audio Download - Protection Trends and Needs

    1. Welfare Benefits Key Point Summary 2024/2025

    2. Welfare Benefits Explored 2024/2025

    3. Welfare Benefits Means Testing

    4. Welfare Benefits in Event of Death

    5. Welfare Benefits in Event of Sickness and Illness

    6. Welfare Benefits in Event of Disability

    7. Universal Credit

    8. Child Benefit 2024/2025

    9. Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI)

    10. The State Pension Scheme

    11. Deferring State Pension

    12. The State Pensions Credit 2023 2024

    13. Audio Download - Welfare Benefits

    1. Whole of Life Policies Dissected - Live Recording

    2. Life Assurance (Term Assurances) to Protect Mortgages

    3. Relevant Life Plans

    4. Protecting a Joint Mortgage

    5. Calculating Life Premiums

    6. Trusts and Life Assurance

    7. The UK Probate Process

    8. Riders – Bolt-ons for Protection Plans

    9. Life Assurance and Underwriting

    10. Life Policies and Assignments

    11. Life Assurance and Claims

    12. Audio Download - Life Assurance - Part One

    13. Audio Download - Life Assurance - Part Two

    1. Examination Tax Table 2023/2024

    2. Life Assurance Funds

    3. Life Assurance and Chargeable Gains

    4. Taxation of Investment Bonds

    5. Bonds - Top Slicing Dilemma and Various Uses

    6. Taxation of Life Policies - Various Questions Examined

    7. A Reintroduction to Inheritance Tax (IHT)

    8. Inheritance Tax Planning with Life Assurance

    9. Inheritance Tax and Lifetime Gifts

    10. Funding Your Inheritance Tax Bill with Life Assurance

    11. Audio Download - Taxation of Life Protection

    1. Income Protection Insurance (IPI)

    2. Income Protection Plans - Dissected in Detail

    3. Group Income Protection Plans

    4. Live Session on Income Protection Insurance - 42 Minutes Long

    5. Audio Download - Income Protection

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Paul Archer FPSA CeMAP

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Paul Archer began in the mortgage sector in 1983 - 40 years' experience. Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach. CeMAP qualified, Level 4 IFA qualified, equity release, supervisory qualified. Author of a myriad of technical texts spanning all areas for both the CII and the LIBF. All team are also fully qualified and experienced. Began teaching CeMAP in 1999, when it started, trained thousands of students. Founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd in 2001 Working with dozens of banks, lenders, brokers and insurers in the UK and the world.