Course Content

    1. The Modern Buying Process

    2. Coach Financial Advice Don’t Tell

    3. The Danger of Limiting Beliefs

    4. UFOs and Limiting Beliefs

    5. Question Away Your Limiting Beliefs

    6. Building Resiliance

    7. State of Mind - Are you in the Zone?

    8. Controlling Your State of Mind

    9. Jose Mourinho and Pressure

    10. What's Your Resting Face

    11. How to Have a Positive Attitude

    12. 6 Inner Game Challenges to Improve Adviser Performance

    1. The Mortgage and Protection Adviser Sales Process

    2. The Trusted Adviser

    3. Seeking Common Ground

    4. Building Rapport in the First 15 Minutes

    5. Showing Your Intent

    6. Demonstrating Your Competency

    7. How to Further Show Your Credibility

    8. Summary of the Three Secrets to Trust

    9. A Contemporary View on Trust

    10. The 90:90 Rule and the Halo Effect

    11. Michael Caine and Confidence

    12. How to Create a Personal Brand for Mortgage Advisers

    13. The Seven Secrets to a Great First Impression

    14. The 15 Minute Mortgage Discovery Call

    15. The Mortgage Adviser Value Proposition

    16. To Fee or Not to Fee - That is the Question

    17. Skills Required to Have an Effective Fee Conversation

    18. Handling the Fee Conversation

    19. Whole Part Whole - How to Sell a Full Service to Clients

    1. The 60 20 20 Rule - Where Prospecting Fits

    2. A Marketing Overview – Start to Finish

    3. 4 Methods of Client Acquisition

    4. The Inner Game of Referrals

    5. How to Promote Without the Boast

    6. A Quick Referral Technique

    7. How to Achieve a 100% Referral Business

    8. The Stepping Stones Technique of Referrals

    9. The Mortgage Capacity Report

    10. Securing Business From Google

    11. Make Your Advice Appear Scarce

    12. Questions to Reveal Your True Value Proposition

    13. Incubating Your Prospects

    14. Preparing to Make the Calls – Your Motivation

    15. Golden Rules for Making Appointment Calls

    16. Appointment Call Structure

    17. Email Prospecting – The Magic Email

    18. Tending to Your Prospecting

    19. The Trust Trick

    20. Reminder on Trusts and Life Assurance

    21. Using Old Fashioned Mail Successfully

    22. Buying Mortgage Leads Online

    23. Energising Your LinkedIn Profile

    24. Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index SSI

    25. Lead Generation with Facebook Buisness Pages

    26. How to do Personal Marketing in a Recession

    27. How to Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd

    28. End of Tax Year Client Reviews for Mortgage Advisers

    1. Helping Customers to Buy

    2. WIIFM and Influencing

    3. The Secret to Influencing

    4. Colour Social Styles - Personal Needs of Customers

    5. Colour Social Styles - Recognising Customers

    6. Colour Social Styles - Influencing Techniques with Each Colour

    7. Colour Social Styles - A Personal Action Plan

    1. What do Clients Want?

    2. Coaching Mortgage Advice as a Philosophy

    3. Modern Factfinding - Part One - The Factfind Infographic

    4. Modern Factfinding - Part Two - The Lifeline

    5. Modern Factfinding - Part Three - The Protection Discussion

    6. How to Advise a Mortgage

    7. Types of Questions to use in Factfinding

    8. Power Questioning

    9. Sugar Coating Your Questioning

    10. What to Avoid When Asking Questions

    11. Eliciting Hard Facts

    12. Coaching the Gaps

    13. Three Levels of Listening

    14. 5 Listening Diseases and Cures

    15. Away From Customer Motivation

    16. Towards Customer Motivation

    17. Customer Attention Spans

    18. Final Tips for a Conversational factfind

    19. Ten Tips for Effective Factfinding


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Paul Archer began in the mortgage sector in 1983 - 35 years' experience. Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach. CeMAP qualified, Level 4 IFA qualified, equity release, supervisory qualified. Author of a myriad of technical texts spanning all areas for both the CII and the LIBF. All team are also fully qualified and experienced. Began teaching CeMAP in 1999, when it started, trained thousands of students. Founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd in 2001 Working with dozens of banks, lenders, brokers and insurers in the UK and the world.