Course Content

    1. An Introduction to Your Tutor - Paul Archer

    2. Screenshare Video - Showing How This System Works

    3. Tips to Use Bootcamp

    4. Study Techniques - Learning Styles

    5. CeMAP 2 & 3 - 4 Month Scheduler

    6. Paul Explains His Other Resources to Help You

    7. Memorising versus Understanding

    8. Paul's First Hand Experience of Taking an At Home Exam

    9. Paul Outlines the New CeMAP 2

    10. Paul's CeMAP Livestream Podcast

    1. The CeMAP 2/3 Syllabus

    2. CeMAP Qualification Specification for 2022 - The PDF

    3. Optional Further Reading - But Only if Reading is Your Thing

    4. CeMAP 2 Revision Guide 22/23

    5. CeMAP 3 Revision Guide 22/23

    1. The UK Lending Sector

    2. Mortgage Intermediaries

    3. The Residential Mortgage Market

    4. What is a Mortgage Network?

    5. Wholesale Funding

    6. Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis

    7. Securitising a Mortgage Book

    8. Peer to Peer Lending

    9. Peer to Peer Lending - The Sequel

    10. The Future of Housing Prices

    11. The Housing Market and the Stamp Duty Freeze 2020/21

    12. What Happens When Base Rates Rise - A Visual Depiction

    1. First Time Buyers

    2. The Middle Aged Lending Market

    3. House Buyers Who Have Difficulty Borrowing

    4. Vulnerable Customers and Mortgage Prisoners

    5. Vulnerable Customers

    6. Commercial Borrowers - Those Buying Company Premises

    7. CeMAP Lessons 1 and 2 Textbook Audio Review

    1. Regulation of Mortgages in the UK - An Overview

    2. Mortgage Regulation from 2000 to Present Day - A Timeline

    3. The FCA's Mortgage Market Study

    4. An Overview of all Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules (MCOBs)

    1. What is a Mortgage - A Legal Definition

    2. The Mortgage Deed Explained

    3. How Property is Owned - Joint Tenancy v Tenants in Common

    4. Property Tenure - Freehold, Leasehold, Commonhold

    5. Leasehold Reform Act 2002

    6. More on Leasehold Ground Rents and Charges

    7. Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022

    8. The Problems with Commonhold Tenure

    9. Legal Rights of Access Over Land

    10. Chancellery Obligations From the Church

    11. Mortgage Fraud and the Fraud Act of 2006

    12. CeMAP Lessons 3 and 4 Textbook Audio Review

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Course Tutor

Paul Archer

Founder and Managing Director

Paul Archer began in the mortgage sector in 1983 - 35 years' experience. Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach. CeMAP qualified, Level 4 IFA qualified, equity release, supervisory qualified. Author of a myriad of technical texts spanning all areas for both the CII and the LIBF. All team are also fully qualified and experienced. Began teaching CeMAP in 1999, when it started, trained thousands of students. Founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd in 2001 Working with dozens of banks, lenders, brokers and insurers in the UK and the world.

Paul explains all his resources